Hey there, my name is Mattie

Nothing but a passion for dewdrops and smiles

My whole life I've lived in a small town about an hour outside good ole Knoxville, Tennessee. And with a love for photos, what's a better place?

My passion traces back farther than I can remember, starting with a pixel-y version of my siblings on a 90s Olympus digital. From there, I began my journey in mobile photography -- a joy that I still partake in today.

Now, I've all but mastered the art of digital photography, I enjoy capturing precious and powerful moments with my Canon PowerShot.

Not Just Cameras...

When I'm not taking photos in my free-time, you'll usually find me out in the woods somewhere, be it my backyard or the Great Smoky Mountains, with my friends and my dog. I also enjoy a good Netflix show from time to time, and writing poetry.

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words...

I find myself to be a very adaptive photographer. While forced perspective creations will always have my heart, I also love capturing giggles and smiles of all ages. I do my best work when you're simply existing, and my editing style tends to lean towards vibrant colors and beautifully crafted shadows.